Outdoor Discovery

1-3 yrs
Child Development
Vocabulary (action and nature words, rhyming words)
Physical Activity

Reaching, crouching, crawling, running

Where this can be played
How to Play

1. Read the 'Exploring Outdoors' action rhyme and with the toddlers act out each instruction.

2. Stop after each line to give the toddlers time to perform the action.

Exploring Outdoors Poem:

Reach high to touch the sky (reach up)

Crouch down low to watch grass grow (crouch down)

Crawl around to feel the ground (crawl and touch)

Run so fast across the grass (run)

Look for planes, but watch for rain! (lie down on the grass and gaze into the sky).

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

1. Create your own outdoor discovery rhymes - the sky is the limit!

2. While outside have a healthy snack and read an outdoor book  with the toddlers e.g. Little Cloud


Adapted from MOVE With Me From Birth to Three