Traditional Food Smiles

3-5 years
Child Development
This game works to encourage preschoolers to become more aware of the local foods available in their community.
Photographs of local foods available in your area (foods from lunches can also be used)
Paper cut into smaller squares
How to Play
  • Distribute squares of paper and crayons.
  • Hold up pictures of local foods (or the food).
  • Have children say what the food is and where it comes from.
    • I.e. “This is a raspberry. It comes from a plant.”
  • Have children draw a picture of the food.
  • If they like the food, have them draw a smiley face by the food picture. If they dislike the food, have them draw a confused face by the food picture. If they  have not tried it, they can draw a question mark. 
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Ask children why they chose a smiley face or the face they drew.
    • Encourage them to describe what they like or don’t like about certain foods. 
    • I.e. Are they crunchy? Mushy? Seedy? Juicy? Sour? Sweet?
  • Count how many different faces each food gets.
  • Discuss each child’s favourite way to eat each food.
    • I.e. “I like to eat whitefish in stew.” 

From Government of the Northwest Territories, Northern Food Tradition and Health