Baby on tummy with toys

Developmental milestones: 0-6 months

Cheesy Barley Bake

Cheesy Barley Bake

Toddlers at a play table with blocks

Developmental Milestones: 18-24 months 

Sensory issues and eating

Sensory Issues 

Two toddlers standing

Developmental milestones: 12-18 months 

Sesame rice noodle salad

Sesame Rice Noodle Salad 

Baby girl crawling on grass

Developmental milestones: 6-12 months

White Bean Fritters

White Bean Fritters

Frozen peas and carrots

Frozen Foods

Childcare setting with parents and toddlers

Recommended Practices

Child writing on sidewalk with chalk

Developing Policies

girls playing at centre

For Early Years Providers: Games and Activities

Children eating at centre

For Early Years Providers: Food and Feeding

Father and boy on floor playing with blocks

For Families: Games and Activities

Family dinner table

For Families: Recipes and Meal Ideas

Family at dinner table

For Families: Positive Mealtimes

Safari landscape

Safari Bells

boy on ipad

Screens and Eating

Stepping Stones

Invitation to Play - Stepping Stones

Learning about apples

Learning about Apples

Recyclable materials for invitation to play

Invitation to Play - Recyclable materials


Let’s Visit France!

Putting out hoops

Invitation to Play - Putting Out Hoops

Healthy Food on the go

Food Choices on the Run



Bean bags

Invitation to Play - Throw and Catch

Tennis rackets and balls

Invitation to Play - Sticks and balls

Eating Area

The Eating Area

Childing running inside at daycare centre

Invitation to Play - Motivating Movement

Small girl on slide

How to Use the Activity Planner

Seeds for crafting


Children running in field

Creating a Physical Activity Promoting Environment in an Early Years Setting

Vitamin D Supplements

Do Kids Need Supplements?

Learn about soy

Learning about Soy

Watermelon bowl

Watermelon Bowl

Loose parts

Invitation to Play - Loose parts

Kids in ball pit

Consent in Play

Edamane beans

Easy Edamame

Day care setting

What is a quality physical activity experience in an early years setting?

Tempeh poppers

Tempeh Poppers

Small girls play fighting

A Spectrum of Rough and Tumble Play

Cinnamon walnut scones

Cinnamon Walnut Scones

Child balancing on log

Invitation to Play - Balance

Strawberry tarts

Strawberry Tarts

Child going down slide head first

Invitation to Play - Risky Play at Your Centre

Image for Physical Activity

Video List for Physical Activity

Let's Make Paper Plate Spiders

Let’s Make Paper Plate Spiders

Splat the Spider

Splat the Spider

Hawaiian shaved ice

Hawaiian Shave Ice

Kids outside

Further reading on: Children’s Independent Mobility

Let’s Visit Hawaii!

Let’s Visit Hawaii!

Grocery shopping tips

Grocery Shopping Tips

Iranian food

Let’s Visit Iran!

Persian Split Pea Stew

Khoresh e Gheyme (Persian Split Pea Stew)

Kids playing soccer

Further Reading: Physical Literacy

Brazilian cheese buns

Brazilian Cheese Buns 

Brazil carnival

Let’s Visit Brazil!

White bean and kale chowder

White Bean and Kale Chowder

Growth and Weight

Growth & Weight 

Balance bowl

Balance Bowls

Swat the fly game

Let’s Make Fly Swatters

Swat the Fly V2

Swat the Fly

Veggie fruits

Helpful Online Resources for Healthy Eating

Emotional Walk

Emotional Walk

Omelet roll up

Omelet Roll-Ups  

Further reading on play

Further Reading: Play

Simple Seafood Chowder

Simple Seafood Chowder

Potato penquins

Potato Penguins

Outside play

Further Reading: Active Play and Outdoor Play

grandparent in kitchen

Feeding Your Grandchildren

child eating

Do Kids Need Snacks?

Salty food

Do Kids Need Sodium?

Kids jumping

Beetles and bugs

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters

Child climbing

Further Reading: Risky Play

Learning About Oats

Learning About Oats

Steel Cut Oats

Steel Cut Oat Risotto

Loose Parts Policy

Loose Parts Policy

Spiced Cornmeal Pudding

Spiced Cornmeal Pudding

Harvest Cranberry Sauce

Harvest Cranberry Sauce

Box Targets

Box Targets

Healthy food

What is Food Literacy?

Cucumber ship

Cucumber Ships

Pool noodle ring toss

Let’s Make: Pool Noodle Target Station

Yoga mat

Let’s Make: Roll Up Jump Activity

Food and Feeding video image

Video List for Food and Feeding

Boy with banana

Banana Origami

Churned butter

Churn Milk into Butter      

Fruit or veggie

Fruit or Vegetable?

Flavour game

The Flavour Game

Food label under a magnifying glass

Reading Food Labels

Lets make splash balls

Let’s Make: Splash Balls

Brain development

Supporting Brain Development

Smiley Faced eggs

Smiley Faced Eggs

Food allergens

Early Introduction to Allergens 

I Spy

I Spy Movement