Baby on tummy with toys

Developmental milestones: 0-6 months

parent playing with two small kids outside

Using positive language

kids jumping

Song: One jump, one squat, keep moving

two indigenous families

Helpful Online Resources for Food & Feeding in Indigenous Communities

PIrate ship

Song: A pirate's life for me

Black bean soup

Black Bean Soup

adult playing with child

Active games for parents and kids to play together

Children playing

What is an invitation to play?

Dried shitake mushrooms

Exploring Mushrooms


Rice and Dandelion Greens

pemmican and berries

Baby Pemmican

kids exploring in the forest

Curiosity, exploration, repetition and confidence

Plastic tubes

Mystery Tube

Arrows made of crayon

Invitation to play: Follow the arrows

Child on screen

Active Screen Use

Banana oat pancakes

Simple Banana Oat Blender Pancakes

Toddlers playing

Curiosity, exploration, repetition and confidence