Helpful Online Resources for Food & Feeding in Indigenous Communities

The resources included below provide guidance for food and feeding for childcare facilities and families specific to the unique cultural and nutritional needs of BC’s Indigenous communities:

First Nations Health Authority: A Guide to Your Baby’s First Foods 
A resource guide for feeding from birth to six months, including guidance for first foods, and recipes for six months and older.

First Nations Health Authority: Eating Healthy
Online resources from the First Nations Health Authority, including recipes, finding traditional foods, and overall health resources.

First Nations Health Authority: First Nations Traditional Foods Fact Sheets 
Fact sheets on traditional foods throughout BC, including traditional harvesting methods, food uses, and nutrient highlights, and nutrition considerations.  

Indigenous and Traditional foods in public institutions 
Online resources for integrating Indigenous foods into a variety of public institutions.  

Cooking in Two Worlds – a Process Guide to Incorporating Indigenous Foods into Institutions
Provides guidance for how to incorporate Indigenous foods into public settings where food is provided.  

Vancouver Island Health Authority: Setting the Table for a Healthy Food Conversation 
A resource for care providers on food and feeding with Indigenous communities, including tips for meal planning.  

First Nations Health Authority: Healthy Food Guidelines for First Nations Communities  
Provides guidance for serving traditional foods, recipes for groups, supporting local food security by increasing use of local and regional foods, eating well for children and family programs.

Feed BC Resource of Indigenous Cookbooks  
A PDF list of cookbooks including both Indigenous cookbooks and cookbooks that contain Indigenous recipes. This resource was developed by Chef Andrew George, Wet’suwet’en Nation.         

First Nations Health Authority: Food is Medicine Recipe Book 
A recipe book featuring simple recipes, nutritious ingredients, featuring traditional foods and knowledge from Indigenous communities through BC. This recipe book was created by the First Nations Health Authority in partnership with Indigenous Physical Activity and Recreation Council.