Festive Fruity Treats

December is our darkest month and so we celebrate with a variety of cultural and religious holidays from light festivals and the winter solstice to Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Kids love to get excited for the possibility of snow and the change of season from fall to winter. This festive season is often a time when sugary treats are in abundance wherever we go. Keep the added sugar out of a childcare setting, while still engaging kids with fun foods like these snowmen on a stick.



12 child sized portions
Preparation Time
15 minutes
Cooking Time
Common Allergens
wheat if using pretzels (optional)
Equipment List
Cutting board
12 Wooden skewers (use blunt ones; if only pointy are available, make sure the point is at the holding, not the eating end)
1 cup
unsweetened dessicated coconut
1 cup
pretzel sticks (optional)


  1.  Peel the bananas and slice them into ½ inch rounds. Slice the strawberries in half lengthwise into the shape of a pointy hat. Peel carrot and chop into very small cubes for a nose. Chop raisins into quarters (or smaller if they are very large—ensure they are not choking hazards for children 4 and under).
  2.  Give each child their own plate. Have kids layer 1 strawberry half (point at the top) then 3 banana circles to form a snowman.
  3.  Have kids place 2 raisin pieces for eyes, a carrot cube for a nose in the top-most banana circle and then a few raisin pieces for buttons in the second and third banana circles. If using pretzels, add them as arms. Let them dust their snowman with coconut ‘snow’ then enjoy immediately!

Source: Nicole Fetterly, RD

Childcare facilities with 8+ children should check with their Licensing Officer about what is needed to serve food.

Festive Fruity Treats
Festive Fruity Treats