Being a Role Model for Healthy Eating

Early years providers play a very important role in creating and maintaining a healthy environment in their centres. The example providers set is extremely important in fostering healthy children. Some ways that you can model healthy choices include:

  • Eat what you hope children will eat. Avoid telling them your food is adult food.
  • Eat where you expect children to eat. Sit with them at mealtime and enjoy your meals together.
  • Discuss what you are eating – what are you enjoying, what textures are in your food. Ask children if they have eaten what you are eating, and encourage them to ask questions about their meals.
  • Eat portions that demonstrate appropriate portion size. Show the children in your care that your meal might be larger, but it contains the same food groups.  Eat small amounts and have more if you still feel hungry.
  • Try new foods with children. If there is a food you avoid, explain why.
  • If possible, grow or prepare food together.
  • Offer new foods to children , but don’t force them to eat a food they refuse.
  • Involve children in making food choices for special events. 

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