Healthy Drinks for Children

Healthy drinks for toddlers, preschoolers and older children

Offer children water, milk or unsweetened, fortified soy beverage most of the time. They do not need sugary drinks to have a well-balanced, healthy diet. 


Water is the best choice to satisfy thirst. When children drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day, they stays hydrated. This is especially important in hot weather or when children are active. Drinking plenty of water can also help them avoid constipation. 

Here are some tips to encourage children to drink and enjoy water: 

  • Get everyone in the family drinking water. When your children see you doing it, they’re likely to do it too. 
  • Make water easily available by giving younger children water bottles at home and showing older children how to get their own water from the tap. 
  • Have water on the table at meal and snack times. 
  • Keep chilled water in a jug in the fridge.
  • You could try adding slices of cucumber or a sprig of mint for interest. 
  • In summer, freeze small pieces of chopped fruit in ice blocks and add these to water at snack and mealtimes. 
  • Try a water filter if a child doesn’t like the taste of  local tap water. 
  • Take filled water bottles when you go out with children. 

Adapted from Healthy Families BC Website