Let’s make: Ribbon kites

Materials needed:

  • Mason jar lid or cardboard ring
  • Ribbon

How to:

  • Cut five pieces of ribbon into lengths of approximately 3 metres. 
  • Fold the pieces of ribbon in half and pass the folded centre through the middle of the mason jar ring, or piece of cardboard with the centre cut out. 
  • Thread the tails through the loop in the ribbon and pull them through to form a knot. 
  • Then, tie a regular knot to keep it in place

    Game to Play: Run like the wind


  • Using Lets Make: Ribbon Kites, find a large open space. Ask the children to run around and make the ribbons fly. 
  • Ask the children what happens when they move slowly versus quickly, or if they run into the wind versus with the wind. How can they make the ribbons move in different ways?

Source: https://www.tinkergarten.com/activities/ribbon-kites