Let’s Make: Pool Noodle Target Station



  • Six pool noodle rings (video below)
  • two straight pool noodles
  • two dowels
  • rubber mallet



1. Tape six Let’s Make: Pool Noodle Rings together to create two lines of three.

2. Tape the two straight noodles to either side of the six rings.

3. Place the taped noodles on the floor and use the mallet to hammer the dowels into the ground at the same width as the straight noodles.

4. Once the dowels are in the ground, slide the straight noodles on to them to create the station.  (Note:  Measure the hole inside the pool noodle and use a dowel of an appropriate size. This hole is typically half an inch in diameter.)

5. This station can also be used when laying on the ground to create hoops to jump through.

How to Make Pool Noodle Rings Video: