Developmental milestones: 12-18 months 

Developmental milestones are checkpoints in your child’s physical, cognitive and behavioural growth. It is important to be aware of certain milestones in your child's development, but it is not something that you should place intense focus on. For example, between 12 and 18 months walk alone and hold a cup. Being aware of these milestones allows you to understand if your child is on the right trajectory, or if a particular milestone may be missing or significantly delayed, then to seek professional advice. 

Below is a list of major milestones that typically appear between 12 and 18 months with a focus on physical and motor development.

Physical development

  • Able to walk alone
  • Can squat down and stand up again
  • Tries to climb on furniture
  • Able to stack blocks
  • Scribbles with a big crayon
  • Can feed themselves with their fingers

Cognitive development

  • Object permanence developed
  • Understands routines
  • Follows simple directions

Social development

  • Mimics adult like activities like reading or talking on the phone
  • May separate themself to play

This information is taken from Toddler’s First Steps. For more information and a more complete list of developmental milestones, please visit HealthLink BC.
This age is a time of great exploration as your child is able to move independently and confidently. Different sizes of balls, music and dance and nesting plastic bowls and lids are all great activities and games for your child. Check out the activity Lid Link for some ideas. In addition, children mimic their adult behaviours at this age, so try to join in the activities with your child as much as possible.