2-5 years
Child Development
Social skills: teamwork, patience
Physical Activity

Physical activity links: Vigorous play, developing body control and spatial awareness; cooperative play.

Where this can be played
Indoors or outdoors
How to Play
  1. Children move around until the leader says “FREEZE!”
  2. When the leader says FREEZE all the kids stop and stand still until the leader says THAW.
  3. When the leader says THAW the children melt to the ground before moving around the space again. Repeat.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Challenge the kids by having them balance on one leg (or some other balancing pose) before thawing.
  • For a child with a disability that limits their balance, provide a support structure for them when they are frozen, such as the wall or an adult.
  • For a child who is deaf or hard of hearing, provide visual cues such as holding up a large piece of paper or ball to show when to freeze.

This activity works on the fundamental movement skills of locomotion (running), balance, and coordination.

Adapted from Maximum Engagement in Games and Activities.