What is traffic?

Cards depicting traffic and non-traffic (see Children’s Independent Mobility post for more information)
Physical Activity


How to Play
  • Place all the cards in a pile at one end of the play space.
  • At the other end, designate a space for ‘traffic’ related cards, and one for ‘not traffic’.
  • The children then run and place the different cards in the appropriate space.

Link to Children’s Independent Mobility

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

Use the information in the ICBC Road Safety Learning Resources to extend this activity:

To make the game more challenging, have an adult in the centre of the space be a traffic light, and flash red, yellow and green objects to show when the children can move. 
If you have a child who uses a wheelchair or has a gross motor limitation, place cards where they are able to reach them.

Source: Chris Wright