Let’s Skate

3-5 years
Pieces of paper (2 per child)
Physical Activity

Vigorous play, developing body control and spatial awareness; cooperative play

How to Play
  1. On a carpeted area, clear some space to make a “rink”
  2. Provide each child with two pieces of paper (8 ½” x 11”) and have them put one under each foot. Stride forward and backward as if skating on ice.
  3. Have skating races, create a path to follow, or skate to music.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • To make this activity easier, only put a piece of paper under one foot, so they have a foot available to push off with.
  • If children are having difficulties, or are uncomfortable on slippery surfaces, hold their hands and encourage them to move their feet back and forth as much as they can to get used to the feeling.
  • Have a full size outline of an ice skater (use a child as a template) and have groups of children colour it or have children decorate their “skates”.
  • Trace the children’s feet or paint foot prints before doing the activity, and use the paper as their skates.
  • For a child with a disability that limits their locomotor skills, start by providing one piece of paper and push off with the other foot.
  • For a child that uses a wheelchair, place the paper under the wheels of the chair and have an adult move the chair sideways. This provides a sliding sensation in a different direction to normal.
  • For a child with a visual impairment, provide a large, visible space for them with a textured boundary around the edge of the play space, such as a rope or cones.

This activity aims to develop the fundamental movement skills of: balance, locomotion (agility, sliding), and coordination.

Source – Hop, Skip and a Jump