Balloon Tennis

2 - 5
Child Development
Let’s Make Tennis Racquets
Nylon stocking
Physical Activity



How to Play
  • Before inflating, cover the balloon in the nylon stocking.
  • Inflate the balloon.
  • Use the homemade tennis racquet to keep the balloon in the air.  See Let's Make Tennis Racquets
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Instead of hitting the balloon up and down, try and balance an object on the plate.
  • For someone with a visual impairment, try to find a ball that makes a noise. Additionally, the ball can roll on the floor and the participant can stop the rolling ball with the racquet.
  • For someone who has limited grip function, change the tennis racquet to have a strap on the back rather than a handle to hold. 

Source: Chris Wright