Fruit Salad Game

3-5 years
Child Development
This game is a tag-based game that encourages healthy eating choices.
How to Play
  • Discuss with children some of their favourite healthy dishes or individual foods. 
  • Explain the game:
    1. One or two children start in the middle as the chefs.
    2. Other children all line up at the same end of the room.
    3. Chefs call out a favourite healthy food, dish or meal. They can decide on one together or take turns calling. 
    4. If other children like this meal, dish or food, they have to run to the other end of the room without getting tagged. 
    5. If they get tagged, they become a chef.
    6. Play until almost everyone is tagged and take turns being the chef.
  • After the game discuss foods called with the children. 
    • If there were any unhealthy foods called, discuss why they   are not great healthy choices and why they might be “choose sometimes” foods.
    • Ask if there were any meals/foods called that other kids had never tried before.
    • See if you can decide on a class favourite healthy food or see what the most popular favourite healthy foods in the class are.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • If space is limited, set this game up in musical chairs style.
    • The chef is in the middle, calls out a vegetable/fruit/dish and everyone who likes it stands up and finds a new place to sit.
    • The last child to find a place to sit is now the chef.

Adapted from Healthy Beginnings 2-5