Jump in, jump out, jump on

3 - 5
Masking tape
Physical Activity


How to Play

Tape a square (individual play) or two parallel lines (group play) on the floor. When adult shouts jump in, the children jump in to the square. When the leader says jump out, the children jump out of the square. When the leader says jump on, the children have to jump and land on the line.

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Make this more difficult by creating more calls, such as “jump spin” where the kids have to jump and spin in to the square, or even “jump spin on” where they have to spin and land on the line as well. Alternatively, say “jump split” and see if the kids can jump and split their feet to land on each side of the square. 
  • Once the kids have the idea, let them create their own patterns of jumping that they can show off to their friends or have their friends copy.
  • For anyone with a gross motor limitation or who may use a wheelchair, change the language to “move in”, “move out” and “move on”. This allows the participants to move in any way they to follow the directions, including stepping, wheeling or any other movement.
  • For someone with a visual impairment, place a crease in the tap or provide another form of tactile boundary so they are able to feel the edge of the area.
  • For someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, assign colour symbols to each movement. For example, a red cone means jump out, a green cone is jump in and a blue cone is jump on.


Source: Chris Wright