Being Active in Different Locations

Here are some different locations and environments for preschoolers to be physically active. Check to see what you have available in your community. Always plan for safe ways to use these environments.  Before heading out on any field trips check with your local health authority for field trip safety tips and requirements.

  • Groomed fields (soccer, field hockey, football)
  • Running track
  • Natural fields 
  • Treed areas
  • Small hills
  • Sandboxes
  • Playgrounds 
    • Try to visit many playgrounds in your area
    • Look for playgrounds with different types of equipment
    • Walk different routes to your preferred playgrounds
  • Municipal/provincial parks
  • Outdoor water parks
  • Fields or small hills covered in snow
  • Safe water, such as filling a splash pool at the playground or visiting a local pond
  • Local community centre gymnasiums
  • Indoor fields (Astroturf) 
  • Outdoor rinks (with or without ice)
  • Sandy areas (beach, outdoor volleyball court)
  • Paved outdoor courts
  • Outdoor baseball diamonds
  • Different flooring in the centre - padded floors, crash mats

Safety tip

Before using any public space with the children, Early years providers must do a sweep/check of the space for potential dangers. This includes looking for glass, sharp objects, rocks, feces, hidden potholes in the grass, etc.  It is the responsibility of early years providers to ensure the play space is safe.