Games for At Home

Games for at home

Many of the activities for three to five year olds on our website can be adapted or modified to be played individually and at home. If you are looking for activities for zero to two year olds, these activities are already very individual based and should need no adaptations to be fun and engaging. Here are some of the best examples of games for three to five year olds already on our website, and ideas of how to modify them:

  • Stormy seas – instead of a parachute, use a towel or any form of fabric that two of you can hold at the corners (for example, a bed sheet would be too big, but a kitchen towel would be great). Place a pair of socks in the middle, or any other soft item that is relatively light (like a small stuffed animal) and see if you can move it around or shake it off.
  • Nursery Rhyme circuit – if you have a music streaming account, find a nursery rhyme playlist that has your favourites on. This will allow you to move with your child and encourage them to be active, rather than focusing on reading out or performing the words. 
  • Keep the bucket full – this game can stay much the same, but change up the items to be more engaging. Perhaps stuffed animals can be used and they need to be brought back home, or a car can be used to ‘drive’ away that they need to bring back
  • Volcanoes and craters – again, this one can be very similar. Use different size objects if you have them such as a bucket, cup cake cups, solo cups, plastic containers etc to lead in to more activities. For example, if you use plastic containers without their lids, progress this game to Lid Link. Alternatively, if you use cup cake cups, scrunch them in to balls after the game and play Snow Balls followed by Catching Cups.

The activities listed below are games that can be played with any number of people, including one:

All of our games can be modified through some creativity and imagination. And if you cannot think of anything, give some objects to your children and before you know it you will be playing!