Invitation to Play - Loose parts

Loose parts can be a great way to invite active play. Loose parts are defined as any object that can be manipulated by a child to fulfill their need to be inventive, creative and curious. 
For active play, loose parts can be used to create obstacle courses that require the child to move through them.

  • These obstacle courses can consist of using wooden blocks to balance on, chairs to crawl under, balls to throw and kick, stuffed animals as targets, cushions as hurdles to jump over and many other ways to move. 
  • Place lots of different items out in a space. Join in the play by showing the children different ways that you are able to create obstacles to use for physical activity. 

This invitation may require a little more involvement from adults in the space to preface the activity and get the children started. Once the children understand the idea, they can have the opportunity to build, demolish and rebuild the obstacle course as they see fit.