Movement to Music

Moving to music is a great way to stay active, have fun and be silly! Learning how to move to the beat or in a different way when the music changes are a great way to be creative and imaginative while developing skills that will last a lifetime. Movement to music is an intentional phrase, rather than ‘dance’. Everyone can move to music, and by incorporating animal movements or other movements you are familiar with you are sure to have a great time and your child will love to see you move. Once you are comfortable, layer on some different elements such as clapping, or put a sequence of movements together.

Below is a list of songs from our friends at Be Fit For Life that have been approved for little ears:

I Can Do It – Patty Shukla
The Walking Song – The Kiboomers
Stand Up, Sit Down – Patty Shukla
Bean Bag Bounce – Music for Moving
Jump – Patty Shukla
The Freeze Dance – Music for Little People Choir
Twist – Patty Shukla
Animal Rap – Music for Moving
S.T.O.P – Patty Shukla
Wave Your Hands Up High – Music for Moving

Source – Be Fit For Life