Step-by-Step Assessment Tool

  • Current Policies
  • Healthy Eating Opportunities, Environment and Breastfeeding
  • Staff Practices
  • Communication with Parents
  • Policies
  • Physical Activity Opportunities, Screentime and Environment
  • Staff Practices
  • Communication with Parents
  • Complete
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Healthy Eating

This assessment will help you identify and plan improvements for healthy eating in your setting. You will be assessing the following categories:

  1. Policies
  2. Healthy Eating Opportunities, Environment and Breastfeeding 
  3. Staff Practices
  4. Communication with Parents


Do you have a written policy1 that addresses:
Being developed
Partially in Place/Could be Improved
Fully in Place
Healthy mealtime environments
Positive practices to encourage healthy eating2
Professional development for staff about healthy eating
Healthy eating education for families3
Planned and informal activities to educate children about food and healthy eating
Do you have a document/newsletter/handout that informs the parents of the above policies?

Complete the following two questions only if applicable to your program (prepare and serve food; infants and toddlers programs):

Offering safe, healthy food and beverages (e.g. meals and snacks)
Promoting and supporting breastfeeding
1 A written policy can include any written guidelines about your program’s operations or expectations for teachers, staff, children and families.  Policies can be included in parent handbooks, staff manuals, and other documents.
2 For example: role modelling, involving children in food preparation, not offering food to calm children or encourage appropriate behaviour.
3 For example: fundraising with non food items, healthy food and beverages offered on special occasions.