Video List for Physical Activity

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Physical Activity Ideas


Let's Make a Pool Noodle Abacus: this easy game to make encourages coordination and can be hung inside or outside at your centre.

Let's Make Ribbons: see how to make an easy set of ribbons for indoor and outdoor play!

Let's Make a Roll Up Jump Mat: all you need is dollar store yoga mats, some felt shapes and a glue gun to create a mat for jumping games.

Let's Make Yoga Mat Shapes:  do this craft with the kids and use them to create challenges and obstacles.

Let's Make a Pool Noodle Ring: an easy way to create a ring for many games, including the Pool Noodle Ring Toss game in the next video.

Let's Make Pool Noodle Ring Toss: once you have made the pool noodle ring, this video shows you how to set up a ring toss activity.

Let's Make Splash Balls: make splash balls out of sponges for those hot summer days when water fun is on the agenda.

Let's Make a Fly Swatter: learn how to make a fly swatter to play the game Swat the Fly


For Early Years Providers:

E-Learning Module on Physical Literacy: check out the format of the e-learning module in this short video.