Traditional Food Songs

3-5 years
Child Development
This activity is designed to help preschoolers learn about traditional foods and cooking methods in their community.
How to Play
  • Discuss with children some of their favourite dishes to eat. 
    • What foods are in these dishes?
    • Where do these foods come from? Are any from really far away?
      • How do they get here?
      • Are there traditional or local ingredients in these meals?
  • Brainstorm some traditional or local ingredients.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

Make up songs about these foods. Try adapting this song by changing the bolded words.

I Like To Eat Traditional Food (Tune: London Bridge)

Some people eat boiled food
Eat boiled food, eat boiled food
Some people eat boiled food
I like boiled stew

Some people eat red fruit
Eat red fruit, eat red fruit
Some people eat red fruit
I like red berries

From Government of the Northwest Territories, Northern Food Tradition and Health