Volleyball spikes

3-5 years
Child Development
Vocabulary (counting); pretend play
1 ball per child (soft bouncing balls)
Physical Activity

Developing movement skills (hand-eye coordination); active play

How to Play
  1. In a large area, have the children spread out so that they have their own space around them.
  2. Have the children place their ball on their tummy; say “stretch” and have the children stretch the ball out in front of them; say “drop” and have the children drop their ball in front of them; say “spike” or “hit” and have the children hit their ball on top during its return bounce using the heal of their hand.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Have the children pretend they are giving their ball a high-five.
  • By stretching the ball out in front of their bodies as far as they can, children should avoid hitting their toes.
  • For younger children, the instructor can assist by standing behind each child and holding the ball for the spike, without the bounce.
  • Pretend the ball is an egg and you need to crack it by spiking it on the ground.

Adapted by Healthy Beginnings 2-5