Invitation to Play - Stepping Stones

Child Development
Decision making, problem solving, risk assessment
Wood rounds if outside
Pillows, paper or sticky spots if inside
Physical Activity

Balance, stepping 

How to Play

Place the wood rounds, sticky spots, paper, pillows or any other items that can be stepped on -‘stepping stones’ - around the area in a pattern that children can follow. 

Provide a variety of stepping stone sizes and distances between.

Allow children to adjust the distance between the stepping stones to suit their level of confidence and their stride length


Tips and Ideas

If children do not notice or understand what to do through exploration, encourage them verbally or model using the items to move around; then step away.

Prime the Invitation by facilitating games such as Floor is Lava or Float the Pond before this activity to develop an understanding of the invitation within the children.

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

Provide two different sets of stepping stone paths one with bigger stones and shorter distances, and another with smaller stones and larger distances.

To challenge children, place items that may be more unstable or wobbly in the path. These items may be foam blocks, balance discs or wobble boards. 

Support children who experience a gross motor limitation or those who use a wheelchair by having large flat objects such as a piece of cardboard or paper to wheel on to. 

For children who may need extra support to understand the task, create a visual depiction of the task and place it next to the items.