Energy Balls

Make a sweet treat without refined sugar by using soaked and pureed dates—nature’s candy! These can be adapted to anything you have on hand in the pantry. They store best in the freezer but are safest for children 4 years and under if they are cut up into small pieces once slightly defrosted.

10 child-sized portions
Preparation Time
20 minutes
Cooking Time
Common Allergens
dependent on seeds or nuts used
Equipment List
Food processor
Cutting board
1 cup
pitted dates or prunes
1/4 cup
unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup
hemp hearts or sesame seeds
2 Tbsp
cocoa powder
1/2 cup
rolled oats
1/2 cup
seed or nut butter (dependent on any allergy restrictions)

1.    Soak the dates in boiling water for 30 minutes then drain (reserving the liquid) and puree in a food processor, adding the soaking liquid as needed to form a puree.
2. Add all remaining ingredients to the dates and process until a thick dough is formed.
3. Roll into balls (this can be fun to have kids help with!) and put on a tray to eat!

Note:  Childcare facilities with 8 or more children should check with their Licensing Officer about what is needed to serve food.

Date energy balls
Energy Balls