Grated Carrot Salad

Children can become hesitant to try new foods and it’s essential to avoid pressuring them to taste, or to reinforce the rejection of the food with wording like “she doesn’t like carrots”. Instead keep offering the food in small amounts, but consider trying it in different forms—like this grated carrot salad instead of steamed carrot coins or roasted carrot fries. A hint of maple syrup and salt really help the carrot and orange flavours shine through!

10 child-size portions
Preparation Time
10 minutes
Cooking Time
Common Allergens
Equipment List
Large bowl
Cutting board
Large spoon
large carrots, peeled
small orange or mandarin
1 tsp
maple syrup
1/2 tsp

1. Grate carrots into the bowl. 

2. Cut orange and squeeze juice onto the carrots, removing any seeds.

3. Stir in maple syrup and salt. Serve immediately or cover tightly and refrigerate to prevent the carrot from browning.

Source: Nicole Fetterly, RD

Childcare facilities with 8+ children should check with their Licensing Officer about what is needed to serve food.

Grated carrot salad
Grated Carrot Salad