Making Baking & Bake Sales Delicious and Nutritious

It’s true – baking and bake sales can be nutritious and delicious . Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Look for recipes that can include fruits and vegetables when they are in season (such as apples, berries, rhubarb and zucchini) for freshness and to support local BC food producers.
  • Keep portion sizes moderate. Cookies that are 6 cm in diameter or less, slices of loaves that are 2 cm thick or less and muffins that are the size of a tennis ball or smaller will keep smaller stomachs from filling up on baked goods and displacing more nutritious food at meals.
  • Ensure that everyone bringing food understands how to be food safe and allergy aware at home. 
  • Label all food sold with ingredient lists and nutrition information from recipes (when available).
  • Keep it simple and do not sell products at bake sales that require refrigeration, such as food with dairy or egg products in liquid form and meats, unless dried or smoked.
  • Consider selling bottled water, fresh fruits & vegetables and other healthy snack options alongside baked goods at events.
  • Include non-food items and prizes at events and physical activities/games that promote a healthy lifestyle.

You can also use substitutes, using the chart below.

Chart showing how to substitute different baking ingredients for healthier choices