Box Targets

Boxes of different sizes
Balls (or paper balls / bean bags instead)
Physical Activity


How to Play
  • Cut holes in the boxes, with some small holes and some larger holes, but every hole should be large enough for the ball to fit through.
  • Place the boxes at different heights and distances around your space.
  • Children take turns throwing the balls at the holes and see how far away they can be from each box while still getting it into the hole.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • If you have a child who uses a wheelchair, ensure the space is clear of objects that may inhibit movement.  
  • If you have a child who is unable to throw a ball, cut a hole in the box that goes all the way to the floor.
  • Then use a ramp to roll the ball down and into the hole!
  • If you have someone who has a visual impairment, use cardstock or paint to increase the contrast of the box to the hole.
  • Also, place a bell or alarm at the target location to help the individual identify where to throw.  

Source – Chris Wright - adapted from Mom Knows Best