Mud Kitchen

Child Development
Gross motor skills, imaginative play
water source (watering can, hose, tap)
stir sticks
jelly molds
recyclable containers
Where this can be played
How to Play

Mud kitchens are a great way to get kids outside and playing in ways they may not have done before. Mud kitchens can provide sensory rich activities that children crave while promoting creativity, role-play, collaboration, both fine and gross motor skills and communication. From complex designs with multiple sinks and running water to simply having a couple of bowls or buckets with soil and water, mud kitchens are adaptable to any space. Mud kitchens can utilize old kitchen utensils, buckets and other items that can be recycled for play-based activities. Be creative and let the kids suggest what they would like to see in their space, giving them ownership of their own muddy space!

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

Change it Up/Adaptations/Additional Options
-    Put different ingredients out in the play area (e.g. flowers, leaves, pine needles, wood chips) for children to discover.
-    Set up flat surfaces to be used for preparation of potions.
-    Get different sized containers, bowls, strainers, recycled goods to introduce.
-    For instructions on how to build a mud kitchen visit: