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3-5 years
Child Development
Physical health and well-being; Language and vocabulary development
Physical Activity

This activity aims to develop the fundamental movement skills of locomotion (running), and coordination (jumping, skipping, hopping, etc.).

Where this can be played
Indoors or outdoors
How to Play
  1. Play this game in an area surrounded by trees or other landmarks such as a playground.
  2. Begin to move around in the locomotor movement indicated by leader (e.g. walk, jump, gallop, shuffle, hop, etc.).
  3. When the leader says a body part and an object, children must find that object and place the indicated body-part on the object as fast as they can (e.g. elbow, knee, back, foot etc. to something red, tree, slide etc.).

Note: You can also play this game indoors, as long as there is enough space and there are things in the room that a child can “connect to”.

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • For children who are deaf or hard of hearing, act out the actions or provide pictures of the intended movements and locations.
  • For children with impairments in flexibility or gross motor skills, encourage them to perform the movements as much as they can, understanding that it may look different than other participants.
  • For a child with a visual impairment, provide textured objects to provide a tactile sensation for certain locations (e.g. a cup of sand for the sand box, a leaf for the tree etc).
  • If you have a participant who uses a wheelchair, be intentional around the locations that you select to allow them to participate.
  • If you have a child with another type of disability not mentioned above, they may be able to participate in this activity without adaptations or modifications.

Source: MEGA