3-5 years
Child Development
Counting; vocabulary; predicting
1 ball per partner
Markers/tees (such as a pylon, bucket, rock, etc.)
Physical Activity

Participating with kids; developing movement skills (hand-eye coordination); co-operative play; predicting

How to Play
  1. Set up the goals using the markers/tees approx. 1.5 metres wide.
  2. Have children take turns being the goalie and the shooter.
  3. The shooter kicks or rolls the ball toward the goal, the goalie protects the goal by stopping the ball using their hands, feet, or whole body (rolling/bear hugging the ball).
  4. Switch roles for equal play.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Have the shooter stand further back to make it more challenging.
  • Make the goal wider for added challenge.
  • When playing with an adult, throw the ball in a gentle underhand motion for children to jump and push down with their hands.
  • Count down before shooting the ball.

Adapted by Healthy Beginnings 2-5.