Please Crocodile, May We Cross the River

Physical Activity

Running, jumping

How to Play
  • All of the children stand beside each other on one side of the room or play space. One child is chosen as the crocodile, and they stand in the middle of the room. The players call, “Please crocodile, may we cross the river? If not, why not? What’s your favorite colour?”
  • The crocodile chooses a colour, and all the players who are wearing that colour are safe to cross to the other side of the room past the crocodile.
  • After those with the colour have crossed to the other side, the children who are not wearing the colour the crocodile called out then try to run to the other side of the room without getting caught by the crocodile. 
  • The adult in the room then picks the next crocodile. 
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • If the children are wearing lots of colours or need assistance to know which one they should choose, collect paint swatches from a local hardware store and pass them to the children before the game is played. This also provides a visual icon for the children to focus on when playing the game. 
  • If you have someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, use coloured paper or paint swatches from the local hardware store to show which colour has been chosen.  

Source – Adaptations provided by Chris Wright, Game source N/A