Pumpkin Bowling

2 - 5
Child Development
Throwing, running
Orange balls (or small pumpkins if available)
Orange buckets or cups
How to Play

Stack or line up the buckets/cups about 2 metres away from a ‘bowling’ line. Participants then roll the ball (or pumpkin) towards the target to knock it down. Encourage the kids to stand the buckets up themselves and move farther away from the target if they were successful.

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

-    Draw faces on the buckets/cups to make them look like jack-o-lanterns
-    Play this game with a larger group by giving each child one bucket/cup and seeing how many times they can knock it down with the ball. 
-    If you have a participant who uses a wheelchair, be ready to assist in picking the balls up so they are able to try again.
-    For a participant that has any gross motor limitation that affects their throwing, consider using a ramp for the ball to roll down, wheeling in to a larger ball or kicking a ball. 
-    If you have a child with another type of disability not mentioned above, they may be able to participate in this activity without adaptations or modifications