Spoonful of Snow

3-5 years
Child Development
Social skills: Problem solving.
Physical Activity

Vigorous play, developing body control and spatial awareness; cooperative play.

How to Play
  1. After making snowballs, give each child a spoon and a snowball.
  2. Put a few markers down in the snow, such as sticks, rocks, or any other nearby objects to create an obstacle course.
  3. Each child puts their snowball on the spoon and moves around the obstacle course as many times or as fast as they can, trying not to let the snowball fall off.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Start children at different obstacles to avoid people waiting in line to start.
  • Add in obstacles that the children need to jump over or crawl under.
  • For children with a disability that limits their throwing or locomotor skills, provide a larger object for them to hold their snowball with.
  • For anyone that may be sensitive to the texture of the snow, make sure to have other options available for them to hold, such as bean bags.

This activity works on the fundamental movement skills of: running (locomotion), balance, and coordination.

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