Volcanoes and craters

3-5 years
Child Development
Remembering, co-operation
1-2 dome pylons per child (can also use plastic cups or bowls)
Physical Activity

Muscular control; motor planning; spatial awareness; agility; fine motor skills

How to Play
  1. Distribute pylons around the room, some flipped over.
  2. Designate half the kids as volcanoes and half as craters. Volcanoes want the pylons to be standing upright; craters want the pylons flipped over.
  3. On “go” all the kids run around flipping the pylons or standing them up
  4. Emphasize the pylons cannot be picked up and moved.
  5. After four minutes, count how many volcanoes there are, and how many craters there are.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Play this game as adults versus children.
  • This game can also be called Builders and Bulldozers, with builders wanting the pylons to be standing upright, and bulldozers wanting the pylons to be flipped over.
  • Vary the number of pylons or the time the game is played to increase physical exertion.
  • For extra challenge, have the children use only their feet to tip the pylons.

Adapted by Healthy Beginnings 2-5