Snow Throw Golf

Colourful balls
A number of empty tin cans
Hoops or bingo dobbers to mark the snow
Physical Activity

Fundamental Movement Skills; Coordination, Throwing

How to Play

Dig holes for the empty cans in the snow so the top is level with the surface. Place a hoop or draw a circle around the can to indicate where the hole is. Mark another spot to indicate where to throw from. 

Give all the children a ball and spread them out to start on different holes. The children have to throw their balls into the hole and move on to the next. 

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Create additional challenge by having different sized cans for holes or adding in obstacle to throw over or around. 
  • If you have a child who uses a wheelchair, place the holes near a surface that is clear of snow so they are still able to move around the space. 
  • If you have someone who has a visual impairment, provide audio cues at the hole location so they are able to understand which direction to throw. 

Source- Chris Wright