Find and compare

Child Development
Running, coordination
Objects found in nature
How to Play

For the first round, an adult will be the ‘Nature Guide’ and find something in nature to pick up and show to the group. The children then have a designated amount of time (for example 60 seconds) to search the space for an item that is similar to the item that the ‘Nature Guide’ has. Whoever has collected an item that is the most similar will be the new guide and have a short amount of time to find something new that they will then present back to the group. The game then repeats.

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

-    You can define what ‘similar’ is. Perhaps you have an orange leaf and a child finds an orange flower. The similarity can be that it is orange. Or perhaps you find a large rock and someone finds a large leaf, the similarity could be size.

-    If you have someone who uses a wheelchair, make sure they are able to navigate the space and have assistance if needed to pick something off the ground.

Source – Chris Wright