How to Use the Activity Planner

Welcome to the Activity Planner

This tool helps you identify, schedule (AM or PM) and print out the active play activities for the week.  

How does it work?

  • Select and schedule the facilitated active play activities (activities led by an early year provider).  
  • You can select from either a full list of Appetite to Play activities or from a list of activities that are only appropriate for outdoors.

Planner Bullet 2

  • Activities are sorted by the type of fundamental movement skill they primarily develop (i.e., coordination/manipulative, locomotor or balance activities).
  • You can also select from a list of activities you have saved previously as your favourites or enter your own game/activity in a blank field.
  • Click on add additional activities at the bottom to add an additional activity.
  • Below is an example of an Active Facilitated Play selection being made:

Planner Bullet 3a

•    Next, schedule active free play time and identify any ‘invitation/s to play’ that you plan to install to facilitate active play during free play. 

Active Free Play Image 1

  •  Then, identify active transportation time and destinations you plan to go.
  • Next, estimate the total amount of indoor and outdoor active play time you plan to provide each day.
  • This should include the facilitated active play activities, the active free play, and active transportation time.

Transportation and Minutes

  • Finally, print it and/or share it with everyone at your centre.
  • To save activities to Favourites and to save your Activity Plan you will need to create an account on the Appetite to Play site and log in.

As a reminder, the Director of Licensing Active Play Standard requires that you include at least 60 minutes of outdoor active play time, daily facilitated activities and free play and incorporate fundamental movement skill development. The goal is 120 minutes of physically active play per day!