Child Development
Coordination, balance
Mats (optional)
How to Play

Find a play space with a relatively soft covering on the ground (for example, grass rather than tarmac or a carpet rather than hard floor). Let the kids know that you will be calling out different moves related to nature, and they have to perform that movement. For example:

-    Log rolls - roll over sideways
-    Donkey kicks - place hands on the ground and raise one foot in the air
-    Rock rolls - a forward somersault
-    Stars in the sky - make a star on your feet or on the ground
-    Trees in the forest - stand on one leg
-    Eggs in a basket - lie on your back, curl up in a ball and roll around

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options

- For added fun, find locations that offer additional challenges, such as rocks to balance on or hills to roll down.

Source: Chris Wright