Toys or objects of different shapes and sizes
A box to place the toys in
A few sets of tongs
Physical Activity

Fundamental Movement Skills
Fine motor skills, coordination

How to Play
  • Collect toys and objects of different sizes and place them in a box.
  • Give the children a set of tongs and have them pull out the toys from the box. 
  • If the object is dropped, they can try to pick it up again.
  • When an item is pulled out of the box successfully, it can be placed in a line and another child can have a turn.
  • This game can be played in small or large groups.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Different sizes of tongs or tweezers will provide additional challenges. Longer tongs may be more difficult as they are further away from the object trying to be picked up.
  • For someone with limited grip function, they can try to pick the objects up as best they can. 
  • If you have someone who has a visual impairment, provide items that make noise and physical guidance if needed.        

Source- Chris Wright