Predator and prey

one small ball
one large ball
Physical Activity



How to Play
  • Organize the children into a circle, either standing or sitting.
  • Start the small ball being passed around the circle and tell a story about how this is a small or prey animal (like a mouse, gazelle or salmon).
  • Then start the larger ball moving around the circle and tell the children how this is a large animal or predator (like a cat, lion or orca).
  • When both balls are moving, give a signal such as ‘Go!’ and the larger ball will try to catch up to the smaller ball.
  • The balls need to be passed to the next person in the circle in order to move around, and if it is passed across the circle it will return to the person that rolled it.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • As you play the game more, increase the number of balls in the circle. For example, you could add in more prey that the predator has to catch.
  • Additionally, you can increase the distance between each person and have the children roll or throw the ball to the next person.
  • If you have a child who uses a wheelchair, you can sit each child on a chair in the circle so all children are at a more even height.
  • If you have someone who has a visual impairment, think about playing the game with items that make noise, such as a bell and a rattle.

 Source – Adapted from ‘Have a ball together’.  Adaptations by Chris Wright