Animal walk

3-5 years
Child Development
Vocabulary; support activity with talk and sign (interpreting instructions); pretend play; creativity
Physical Activity

Developing movement skills (body awareness and manipulation, balance)

How to Play
  1. Walk around with the children pretending that you are different types of animals such as: bears (on toes, wide stance, with “claws”), rabbits (hopping), frogs (hopping and touching hands on the ground), dog/cat (hands and knees), snakes (slithering on the ground), monkeys (bouncing and skipping), etc.
  2. Have the children make the animal noise as they are moving along.
  3. Discuss the environment the animal lives in (forest, Arctic, jungle….), what they eat, etc.
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • Be creative.
  • Play as run and freeze.
  • Play with music and have the children dance around like animals and freeze when the music stops.
  • Involve a book about animals and have the children act out the animals page by page for an active story time.

Adapted by Healthy Beginnings 2-5