Camouflage Strings

Two colours of string, some brightly coloured (pink, purple etc) and others more ‘natural’ (green, brown etc). If playing in spaces with less natural elements, use any colour string that matches the surrounding environment.
Physical Activity

Running, walking


How to Play

In an outside space, place equal amounts of each type of yarn along a patch of trail, woods or any play space. Place strands of string on the ground, hang them on limbs of trees or on the walls, leave them peeking out of logs or tunnels and any other places. The string that is the same colour as the object should now be more difficult to see than the other brightly coloured items. 

Once ready, inform the children to look for the string in the space. After a few minutes of exploring, call kids together to share and look at what they’ve found. Ask them what they notice and prompt a bit if they don’t readily notice that there are two types of colors and that they have found more of the bright colored yarn than the ones that are camouflaged. Let them know that you hid the same number of pieces of each color and discuss why some were more difficult to find than others.

Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • If you have someone who uses a wheelchair, make sure they are able to navigate the space and place objects within their field of view.        

Source – Adapted from Tinkergarten