Dance with me

0-24 months
Child Development
Songs; rhymes
Music (e.g. CD player, radio, singing)
How to Play

1. Dance in circles and change directions.

2. During this awake and active time keep the room bright and play fast tempo fun music (music with many words and rhymes is especially good).

3. If infant is sleepy, dim the lights or close the curtains and find a soothing lullaby or a relaxing song to play while dancing,

The Baby's Dance Song:

Dance, little baby, dance up high,

Never mind, baby, mother is by,

Crow and caper, caper and crow,

There, little baby, there you go,

Up to the ceiling, down to the ground,

Backwards and forwards, round and round,

Then dance, little baby, and mother shall sing,

While the gay merry coral goes ding-a-ding, ding.

by Ann Taylor

Adapted from MOVE With Me From Birth to Three