Invitation to Play - Recyclable materials

3-5 yr olds
Child Development
For example:
cardboard boxes
old tires
old ropes
Physical Activity

Locomotor, Balance, Coordination

How to Play
  • Place the large pile of recyclable material such as milk jugs, tins, bottles, containers, tires, boards, cloth, in an open space in your setting.
  • The children can sort, create, build or stack the items as they see fit.  
  • You may need to start off sorting through it (modeling) to get the children going but then step away
Change it up / Alternatives / Additional Options
  • For children who use a wheelchair or those who may struggle to sort or pick things up off the floor, place the items on a more accessible space such as a table. 
  • For children with a visual impairment, ensure the items are diverse and have many different features such as lips, handles, textures and holes. 
  • For children who may need extra support to understand the task, create a visual depiction of the task and place it next to the items.