Further Reading: Risky Play


Risky play is a concept that has been diminished in recent years. The evidence is growing that risky play is critical for child development and, along with our own online workshop on Risky Play and Outside Play, there are numerous articles and research projects to back this up. Below are a selection of links for you to explore and build your knowledge. 

Let’s Stop Telling Our Kids to Be Careful All the Time

Daycare’s Helmet Rule Takes Playground Safety to a Whole New Level

Adults Who Were Raised by Helicopter Parents Speak Out: “We Are Not Okay”

Adventurous Play as an Antidote to Anxiety: An Opportunity for Children to Learn About Uncertainty, Fear, Arousal, and Coping

Unstructured outdoor play and risky play

Active for Life podcast: Dr. Mariana Brussoni on the value of risky play