Family Day!

Cook & share a meal together!

Spend quality time as a family, away from screens, by deciding on a recipe and cooking it together. Cooking with children is a great way to teach language, math and science as well as develop food literacy. The more children are involved in selecting and preparing their food, the more likely they will eat well at that meal and develop into healthy eaters for a lifetime. Plus you can make some special memories and start some new or maintain some past traditions.

Cookbooks for kids to get inspired:

1. The Little Cookery    By Lottie & Eli Aldarwish (2017, Little Cookery)

Age 2+ years

Why try it: The cookbook was co-created with the author’s son Eli, so the recipes are guaranteed child-friendly. Graphic recipes make it easy for kids as young as two years to get into the kitchen.

Recipes also include ingredient substitutions for children with allergies.

2. Cook by Colours    By Brent Currie & Jessie Jarden (2015, Cook By Colours Inc.)

Age 2+ years

Why try it: Graphic recipes and colour-coded measuring cups make it easy for little ones. The colourful illustrations and fun facts keep cooking fun for children.

Each recipe includes additional steps that teach important kitchen lessons like washing the dishes afterwards! This cookbook includes over 60 yummy, child-friendly recipes. 

For more support on getting kids in the kitchen

Check here for our resource on tips for cooking with children including what sorts of tasks are appropriate by age.