Valentine's Day

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Always celebrated on February 14th, this day began as a feast to honour St. Valentine. Over the last few centuries, it’s become a cultural celebration of love around the world, mostly involving the giving of Valentine’s cards to loved ones. It’s also often a time of candies and chocolates. Here are some ideas for ways to bring in the spirit of love and Valentine’s day without the need for a lot of sweet treats.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate:

•    Red and pink are the colours we most associate with love. Dress up in red or pink or paint faces with hearts. 

•    Heart decorations are a great craft activity for kids. They can make Valentine’s cards to take home to their families.

•    Make red and pink food. Healthy food can still be celebratory in the theme of Valentine’s Day. Beets produce the most beautiful colour—use them in baking, soup, hummus or even to colour mashed potatoes. Layer strawberries and raspberries with plain yogurt for a pink parfait or make a smoothie: see recipe here

•    Heart shaped pancakes can be made by putting pancake batter into a squeeze bottle. Squeeze out the pancake batter in a shape of a heart onto a lightly greased griddle. Or make toast with an egg heart in the middle—simply cut a heart out of the center of the bread then place in a frying pan, crack the egg in the heart and cook until done. Serve with the heart cut out too!

•    Make a heart fruit and veggie platter. Arrange fruits and veggies by colour in the shape of a heart. Or, try making a friendship fruit salad. Children can bring their favourite uncut or canned fruit from home to contribute to a fruit salad.