Watermelon Bowl

What says summer more than fresh, juicy watermelon! A special feature of this fruit is that you can scoop out all of the pink flesh and keep the green shell/rind intact to use in so many ways that can be fun for kids and adults too.

What can I put in a watermelon bowl?

  • Puree the watermelon flesh/pulp in a blender or food processor and strain out any seeds. Mix in plain or sparkling water and refrigerate. Pour back into the bowl for a super fun punch!
  • Ball or cube the watermelon flesh (removing black seeds or using seedless varieties) then add back into the bowl, combing with other fruit as desired into a colourful fruit salad.
  • Savoury dishes like watermelon too! Add chopped watermelon to leafy greens, cooked whole grains, herbs and even cheese for a tasty salad.
  • Fill it with ice! Use a large watermelon bowl as a mini cooler for a few healthy beverages.

Learn more about watermelon:

  • We can share with children that watermelon grow in temperate climates like British Columbia in the summer months.
  • The heavy fruit grow on vines along the ground, ranging in size from 8 to 24 inches and coming in a variety of colours inside like orange, yellow and classic red.
  • Some watermelon have big black seeds that we can pick out (and even use for crafts!) or only small white seeds that we can eat.